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Avoid Common Mistakes When Selling Property in London

Selling your home involves careful consideration, and it’s common to encounter easily avoidable mistakes in the process of finding the right buyer. Here are some aspects that are often overlooked during the selling process but can be easily addressed before potential buyers come for a viewing.

1. Avoid Displaying Clutter During Viewings

Prepare your home meticulously before hosting an open house or showing. While opting for a do-it-yourself approach is cost-effective, considering a professional cleaning service can alleviate the burden if you have a busy schedule.

clean the clutter

Ensure a clutter-free environment:

When potential buyers enter, the first sight should not be stacks of papers or personal belongings. Keep surfaces like tabletops and counters clear or tastefully adorned, perhaps with a vase of flowers.

Address ceilings and cobwebs:

Be vigilant about removing cobwebs and dust accumulation, especially on ceiling fan blades and in neglected corners. Check light fixtures for dead bugs as well.

Attend to Walls:

Even during hectic periods, don’t overlook cleaning the walls, as dirt and handprints are noticeable to prospective buyers.

Floor Maintenance:

Prioritize spotless floors, particularly if they haven’t been replaced recently or if there are pets in the home. Steam-clean carpets to eliminate lingering dirt or odors. If you have carpeting, vacuum it in one direction, leaving behind visible lines that signify well-maintained care. Avoid walking on it again after vacuuming.

2. Remember First Impressions Matter:

After ensuring your home is clean and free of clutter, it’s time to welcome potential buyers and encourage them to explore. While they are guests in your home, it’s essential to foster an environment where they can envision themselves as the owners. Avoid making them feel like intruders and make every effort to create a welcoming atmosphere for your property.

First Impression:

Consider the first thing potential buyers will encounter upon arriving at your home. Assess whether there are any steps you can take to ensure that the viewing begins on a positive note. It’s crucial to maintain the viewer’s interest from the outset, so paying attention to the condition of the driveway, garden (if applicable), and the exterior of your front door is essential.

Avoid Pressuring:

Allow them the time they need. While it may require some additional flexibility on your part, it will prove worthwhile if it leads to a potential offer.

Consider Leaving a Note:

Place a bowl of wrapped candy or other treats near the front door, accompanied by a small note expressing gratitude for their visit to your home.

3. Turn The Lights Up:

natural bright house

Maximize Natural Light & Lighting inside and outside your home to showcase its features clearly.

Turn Up The Lights:

Switch on overhead lights, lamps, appliance lights, and closet lights. Ensure the porch light is lit, especially in the evenings, and consider solar lights along the walkway for a charming touch.

Embrace Natural Light:

During daytime showings, open all curtains and raise blinds to maximize sunlight. Create an inviting appearance from the street, particularly for evening viewings.

Enhance Visibility in Darker Rooms:

Strategically place lamps to brighten rooms and create a more welcoming atmosphere. Add additional lamps if necessary to alleviate any shadows.

Minimize Distractions:

Turn off the television to eliminate visual and auditory disturbances. If playing music from a computer, consider turning off the monitor.

Invite Exploration:

Keep doors, including closet doors, slightly ajar to allow potential buyers to peek inside and assess storage space.

4. Selling Home is Not Just a Sale Transaction:

Potential buyers are not merely assessing the physical structure of the house; from the moment they enter, they are contemplating whether they can envision themselves living there.

While it may seem evident, individuals are searching for a residence, not just a business or a “property.” It is crucial for sellers to tap into the emotional aspect of prospective buyers, ensuring that the interaction doesn’t feel like a mere transaction.

For instance, if you have an energy-efficient heating system, consider turning it on during viewings, especially on a chilly day. This allows potential buyers to experience the cozy warmth of your home firsthand.

5. Highlight Your Home’s Best Features:

realtor showing property to clients

Don’t let imperfections overshadow your home’s unique strengths! Emphasize what truly sets it apart, the feature that lingers in buyers’ minds even after the viewing. Does your kitchen bask in sunlight? Does your home office boast a breathtaking view? If you have a standout space, present it impeccably, highlighting its best qualities to truly captivate viewers.

6. Avoid Putting Pets in the Spotlight:

While your pet are undoubtedly adorable, their presence during house viewings could unintentionally steal the spotlight from your beautiful home! Not everyone shares the same level of affection for pets, and their presence might distract potential buyers from appreciating the key features you’re showcasing.

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