Buying a new build property in UK

Buying a New Build Property in UK

Tips for Buying a new build property in UK

Here’s a step by step guide why buying a new build in UK is good investment instead of buying an old property.

Peace of mind

New-build homes come with a 10-year warranty covering structural defects. New homes are built to the latest specifications, initially at least, it’s less likely to require the same level of maintenance that you would encounter with an older property.

Great facilities

New-build properties generally come with a range of fantastic facilities. These include cinema rooms, swimming pools, gyms, onsite parking, concierge, meeting rooms and much more.

Cheaper to run

New-build homes are more energy efficient than old buildings so you don’t have to waste so much money on heating bills, generally new-build homes are usually well- insulated.

Safety first

New buildings are equipped with CCTV, and generally have security on-site or concierge.

The add-ons

Many of the fixtures and fittings you’d otherwise have to fork out for are included in the price. This means you’re getting a fully integrated kitchen with brand new appliances that comes with a warranty, eliminating the need to worry about maintenance and management for tenants. Also, old buildings do not have air conditioning, new-build homes will have state-of-the art heating and cooling systems and possibly even smart technology.

Build your dream

There’s the convenience of buying a brand new property. When you buy a new-build, you’re basically buying a blank canvas, meaning you won’t have to undertake costly renovation or redecorating work before or when you move in. You could even have a say in the design of your property, depending on stage of development.

Smooth process

There’s no upward chain to contend with when you buy a new-build home, so you won’t be waiting upon a previous owner or tenant to vacate before you move in. And what’s better is, you’re the first resident of your home.

Payment plan

If you purchase your off-plan property in london, your payments will be spread out over the course of construction. This will take pressure off your cashflow.

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