Why need solicitor buying property

How Can a Solicitor Assist You in the Home Buying Process?

You’ve found the perfect home, and now it’s time to choose a solicitor or conveyancer to help you purchase it. Here’s what they will do to make that home officially yours.

What Are the Responsibilities of Solicitors?

A solicitor or conveyancer takes care of the legal aspects of buying a property and transferring its ownership to you. They work on your behalf to gather all the necessary information about a home.

They conduct local investigations, verify property boundaries, negotiate important dates, and prepare the contract for your signature.

Having a solicitor or conveyancer on your team helps ensure that you won’t encounter any unpleasant surprises in the future.

What Is the Cost of Solicitors’ Fees When Purchasing a Home?

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The fees for legal work when buying a home can range from £850 to £2,000. The cost varies based on the complexity of the home purchase and any additional legal tasks that may arise.

Various factors contribute to the complexity of a home purchase, such as the presence of unique legal considerations or complications. Additionally, if unexpected legal tasks arise during the process, it may incur additional costs.

Expect the conveyancing process, which is the legal work involved in buying a home, to take several weeks. The exact time can vary depending on how complicated the purchase is. Your solicitor, the legal professional helping you, will stay in touch with you during this time, keeping you updated on every important detail and step of the process.

How do I Find a Reputable Solicitor?

Before making a decision, explore different options when choosing a company. The solicitor you pick will handle the legal aspects of your property purchase, and errors could be expensive. Look for someone thorough, who will scrutinize every detail, provide answers, and keep the process on track. Avoid solely opting for the lowest quote; sometimes, it’s worthwhile to pay a bit more for excellent service and clear communication.

What does a solicitor do in the process of buying a house?

process of solicitor to do

A solicitor takes care of all the legal stuff when you’re buying a property. They play a vital role in making sure everything is legally sound throughout the process. They handle tasks like sorting out important searches and setting up a date for completing the purchase. Here’s a closer look at what they actually do.

1. Open the purchase file:

At the beginning of the property buying process, your solicitor initiates a file specifically for your purchase. This file will contain all the necessary documents and information related to your property transaction.

2. Request fees for searches:

Your solicitor seeks and collects fees to conduct various essential searches. These searches aim to uncover important information about the property, such as its legal status, potential issues, and any relevant local factors.

3. Get the lowdown on ‘the chain’ from the estate agent:

The solicitor communicates with the estate agent to understand the sequence of property transactions, known as ‘the chain.’ This information is crucial for coordinating the timing of your purchase with other transactions in the property chain.

4. Receive all paperwork from the seller’s solicitor:

The seller’s solicitor provides your solicitor with all the necessary legal documents and paperwork related to the property sale.

5. Raise queries and carry out checks (and more checks):

Your solicitor thoroughly examines the received documents, raises any necessary questions or concerns, and conducts various checks to ensure the legality and soundness of the property transaction.

6. Send watertight paperwork to you to sign:

Once satisfied with the checks and queries, your solicitor prepares comprehensive and legally sound paperwork for you to review and sign. This documentation includes the formal agreement and other essential legal documents.

7. Request your initial deposit:

Your solicitor requests the initial deposit from you as part of the commitment to the property purchase. This deposit is typically paid at the exchange of contracts.

8. Coordinate Parties in the Chain for Exchange and Completion:

Your solicitor coordinates with other parties involved in the property chain to ensure a smooth exchange of contracts and completion of the sale.

9. Exchange:

The exchange involves finalizing the agreement between you and the seller. At this stage, the sale becomes legally binding, and both parties commit to completing the transaction.

10. Completion:

Completion marks the actual transfer of ownership. The remaining balance is paid, and you officially take possession of the property.

11. Register change of ownership:

After completion, your solicitor handles the necessary paperwork to register the change of ownership with the relevant authorities, officially documenting you as the new owner of the property.

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