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How Purchasing a New-Build Property in the UK Could Save You Money

Choosing a new-build home offers several advantages in UK. Firstly, warranties cover major structural repairs for the initial years, providing peace of mind. Additionally, new builds boast superior energy efficiency, with over 80% achieving A or B ratings compared to only 4% of older homes, leading to significant cost savings on energy bills. Finally, developers often entice buyers with attractive deals, including complimentary fixtures and fittings. Here are some compelling reasons why buying a newly built home can lead to long-term financial benefits:

1. Cost-Effective Bills:

cheaper bills in new built homes

Opting for a new-build home presents a unique combination of environmental and financial benefits. Thanks to modern appliances and features like advanced insulation or solar panels, these homes not only boast a smaller carbon footprint but also translate to lower energy bills.

Stringent building regulations ensure new builds adhere to high energy efficiency standards, making them both eco-friendly and cost-effective to heat and operate. This explains why two-thirds of UK buyers are either actively seeking or open to the possibility of owning a new-build property.

The evidence is clear: over 80% of new builds achieve an impressive A or B rating on their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), compared to a meager 4% of older homes. This translates to significant savings on energy costs.

Contributing to these impressive figures are features commonly found in new builds, including condensing boilers, double or even triple-glazed windows, improved insulation, and even solar panels. Additionally, these homes often come equipped with the latest energy-efficient appliances and heating systems, further reducing your environmental impact and utility bills.

2. Ten-Year Guarantee:

The Consumer Code for Home Builders mandates the registration of new properties with a housing warranty insurance provider. This translates to a significant advantage for homeowners, offering a ten-year guarantee on the home’s structure. Any major repairs arising during this period will be covered by the insurance, minimizing the risk of unexpected financial burdens. This comprehensive warranty translates to long-term cost savings on potential repairs throughout the coverage period. While both new and older homes can experience structural issues, the key difference lies in the guaranteed support and financial protection provided by warranties, which are exclusive to new builds.

3. Low Maintenance Costs:

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Compared to their older homes, newly built homes offer a significant advantage in terms of immediate maintenance needs. While older houses may have pre-existing wear and tear on elements like woodwork, tiling, and kitchens, everything in a new build is brand new, potentially delaying the need for maintenance for several years. This is particularly true for properties constructed to the latest specifications, as is often the case with new builds. Consequently, you can expect to enjoy lower maintenance costs and avoid unexpected repair expenses in the initial years of ownership.

4. Buyer Incentives:

In an effort to attract buyers and meet sales goals, developers frequently offer enticing incentives to sweeten the deal on new-build homes. These may include complimentary kitchen appliances, furniture, or even parking spaces, while other perks might involve covering legal fees or stamp duty costs. This means your brand new home could come fully equipped with various appliances and furnishings, eliminating the immediate need for additional purchases. Considering these savings in conjunction with the initial asking price, buying a new-build might not necessarily be more expensive compared to older options, making them a compelling choice for many prospective homeowners.

5. Home Customisation:

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One unique advantage of purchasing a new-build home lies in the potential for customization. Unlike pre-existing properties that reflect the tastes of the previous owner and may necessitate immediate or future renovations, new builds often allow for personalization during the construction phase. This could involve selecting specific kitchen and bathroom fixtures or even modifying the planned layout to suit your individual preferences, creating a home that truly reflects your style and needs.

6. Security:

New-build properties often boast enhanced security features, potentially lowering your insurance costs. Many new homes equipped with pre-installed burglar alarms, while some developments offer additional security measures like gated entrances, concierge services, and CCTV systems. These features are considered favorably by insurance providers, potentially translating to lower premiums for both buildings and contents insurance.

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