UK Invesmtent Q and A

Q&A – UK Property Investments With Guaranteed Returns

Usman Humayun from Ayana Properties puts forward frequently asked purchaser questions to James Shepherd of Intercare regarding hassle free investments in UK Care Homes which provide guaranteed returns.

Ayana Properties discuss Intercare investment units. Care Home investments have become a popular well performing asset in the United Kingdom. Most investors look for a high capital growth as well as a high annual yield, which a care home is able to provide.

Questions covered within this video :

  • What exactly is a care home?
  • How does the investment work?
  • Does a unit provide a title deed?
  • What are the returns?
  • Can an investor purchase multiple units?
  • How are the rental returns guaranteed?
  • What is the exit strategy?
  • What if the Care Home gets into financial difficulty?
  • Who is Intercare?
  • How long has Intercare been operating?
  • How many care homes does Intercare run?
  • The impact of Covid-19 on Intercare?
  • What is the sales process?